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How Do You Not Respond to Comments?

I like this article. I try to respond to every comment that comes in here. It’s nice to receive your feedback. If I comment on someone else’s blog, I expect them to do the same. What do you think? If you like this article you should stop by the AIS Journal and comment there too. I’m just sayin’…:)

AIS Journal

When celebrities do this, they have a reason. When an ordinary blogger does this, it’s just not right.

This totally drives me crazy. I know and I admit that different people have different reasons to blog. But most of the bloggers out there, who post publicly and leave the comment form open, have a common goal of being read and commented on. It really feels good when you receive comments from your blog. When you get to know that someone spent time on your blog reading about your ramblings which would do no good to them, and then cared enough to leave a comment and even follow your blog for future posts, it must feel good. But then, you don’t respond to his comments. I mean, how cruel is that?

Imagine yourself being in the middle of a crowd where no one really knows anyone. You feel lonely, you’re talking…

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Writing advice from Ernest Hemingway

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Henry Miller – How To Be A Writer

Cila Warncke

I’m a little bit hooked on Flavorwire – they turn up some amazing, inspiring creative content. Like this list of Henry Miller’s tips on how to be a writer.


1. Work on one thing at a time until finished.
2. Start no more new books, add no more new material to “Black Spring.”
3. Don’t be nervous. Work calmly, joyously, recklessly on whatever is in hand.
4. Work according to Program and not according to mood. Stop at the appointed time!
5. When you can’t create you can work.
6. Cement a little every day, rather than add new fertilizers.
7. Keep human! See people, go places, drink if you feel like it.
8. Don’t be a draught-horse! Work with pleasure only.
9. Discard the Program when you feel like it—but go back to it next day. Concentrate. Narrow down. Exclude.
10. Forget the books you want to…

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FREE eBook This Week: Please Spread The Word!

A free eBook is always nice. Stop by Brian’s blog and see what it’s all about.

Brian James Freeman

The other day I realized this blog had passed 20,000 hits, which I thought was pretty cool!

As my way of saying thanks to everyone who has stopped by, I’m giving my eBook short story collection Seven Stories away for FREE on Amazon for this week only.

US link:
UK link:
Germany link:

If you have a Kindle, or the Kindle App, or even if you just want to try out the Kindle Cloud for the first time, now is a great time to grab a copy of the collection before it goes back up to the regular retail price on Friday.

(Also: because these stories are going to appear in new collections down the road, the eBook will probably disappear from Amazon later this year, but those who download the eBook now will have it for as long as you want, of course!)

So please go…

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Need A Good Bee Picture

I’m preparing to release my second short story in the series, Misadventures In La Mosquitia, and it involves bees. (Trust me it’s worth the download price.) I’m in need of a good bee picture; bees on a honeycomb, bees swarming on a natural hive, bees on some sort of neutral background I can put my title on and such. I’m willing to use a public domain picture, but I don’t want to see my book cover picture on some other product later on. I don’t mind doing some sort of service in return for the picture. So if you own a picture you think might be suitable, send me a link to it and if I want to use it we can correspond about it. I’ve never solicited anything more than some good advice on this blog before. So I don’t know if I’m going about this the right way. If anyone has any suggestions on other ways to go about this or where I might acquire the perfect picture for my cover, please comment here.


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This is my entry for the 100WCGU challenge Week #29
I also want to mention that I think this is patterned after, which is for children 16 and under.  They really need us adult writers to go comment on their entries each week. So if you have the time, please make a visit to that site a regular part of your routine. Thanks!

Here it is:

A Wednesday morning it was, that I was born
and I learned what life was about.
Ripped from my shelter, where I’d been so warm,
to a slap on the rump I cried “Ouch!”
There were pleasant times, yes, like a warm suckled meal
or a silky dry bottom for my nap,
But the general theme was to cry with full zeal
Until mother thought that I was a brat.
Growing was fun because then I could walk
And grab things I before couldn’t reach.
I can now use my mouth to repeat all the things
she never would knowingly teach.


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WWE’s Ryder harnesses Web to boost his career –

WWE’s Ryder harnesses Web to boost his career –

I don’t follow professional fighting of any kind, fake or real.  I’ve seen a few interesting matches and been entertained a time or two by both the fake stuff and the real.  What this guy has done with his Youtube account is simply amazing, though.  It’s the kind of thing we all want to do with our projects/products.   There’s a lesson to be learned here.

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