How will babies named Jesus save the economy? –

27 Jan
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How will babies named Jesus save the economy? –

While this has nothing directly to do with my self publishing efforts, I thought it worthy of a comment here.  A friend of mine, Alex Waits, brought this article to my attention earlier this evening via email.  He and I are good friends and manage to talk politics without having ever come to blows, so far.  We agree on most things and when we don’t agree we are able to retain friendship over ideals as a priority.

I really didn’t understand the impact of this article when Alex tried to explain it to me.  He came over to borrow a DVD and I had not seen the article, so I listened and when he left he told me he would email it to me.  I’m glad he did because it brought some interesting views into light for me.

I usually hold to the conservative view that illegal immigration into ANY country is wrong and should be stamped out quickly, no matter the details.  After reading this article I may have to reassess my views.  I’m not saying, as one woman on a talk radio I once heard said, “Illegal immigrants should be allowed to do whatever they want.  They’ve done nothing wrong.”  The title of the excerpt I heard was entitled hell and the host of the show told her that the definition of hell is a place where logic has no meaning and that she had just taken him there.

I agree with him.  It isn’t logical to just simply allow people to cross into a country without obeying the legal procedure for doing so, but at the same time, there needs to be a way of dealing with illegal immigrants that helps them and us.

It’s more than obvious to me that the ICE and whatever other Federal Agencies that deal with immigration are not able to do their job effectively.  They can’t even track down all the illegals in the US, let alone have the funding to detain and deport them all, and trying to keep them out in the first place?  Well that’s simply not going to happen.

If the author if the article is correct, and the Hispanic “invasion”, as some choose to refer to it, is actually a beneficial thing to our country, then why not embrace it a little more? Ease the restrictions for immigration a little, at least from Central American countries, and help the illegals that are already in our country to register and apply for citizenship with impunity on their immigration status?

What do you think?  Would it be such a bad thing to have more immigrants here that are legal and paying taxes?  It’s either that or try to figure out a way to track down all the illegals we have.  Which makes more sense?  Will we ever find out?  I don’t know, but this article makes me wonder what we’re doing wrong in the US about immigration.

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    January 28, 2012 at 3:40 am

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