Obessessed Regret

30 Jan

Obsessed Regret is a poem that expresses the inner feeling of a break-up between lovers. It’shows an empathy that is rare among poetry bloggers. Let the author know what you think.

Ramblings of a Creative Mind

He gazes at her with longing,

to touch, to hold in a sweet embrace,

knowing that her heart is now distant from him,

she has moved on to the landscape,

that crafts her closer to the reality,

that his love was never fully there for her,

and he cries inwardly with a deep seeded

regret of his own doing,

she smiles with a heart forgiving him of the past,

while all the while he knows that what’s done

can never be undone,

and he whimpers inside himself

with a sorrowful grief,

at the loss of a treasure he chose not to value,

that has buried his heart into a deep cavern

cascading over an open grave.

As he watches her sail away into the foriegn horizon,

where another has caught her gaze,

for the other man receives her in fullness,

holding fast to her like a valuable ruby,

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