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The Speck

There’s a speck behind my lcd.  I see it all the time.

I’m not sure how it got there but it’s in my address line.

I tried to wipe it off but found it’s underneath the screen

And yet I see it as clearly as if it were a part of the design.


I thought it was a comma once, or an apostrophe.

I even thought to change the colors of my desktop theme.

But no matter what I do to avoid seeing this little speck,

It always follows what I do.  It’s haunting me, it seems.


I wonder how it got there.  Is it dust from some unknown

Spring cleaning project of my wife’s, from off the mantle, blown?

Or did a bug that sought a source of warmth find himself stuck

and die there searching for an exit to the world he once had known?


I guess I’ll leave it in there as I’m no computer tech.

The cost of having it removed would make me bounce a check.

And yet I’m finding as I see the spot each brand new day,

That it’s becoming rather like a friend this unknown little speck.


So I’ll just keep on greeting it each morning with “Hello.”

I’ll cease to try and wipe it off.  I’ve wiped enough to know.

I’ll gladly share with my companion everything I write

And if its size increases then I guess I’ll watch it grow.


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