Happy Valentine’s Day!

14 Feb

St. Valentine Day (water drops)Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I hope you all have a great day!

Today my wife asked me to make a Valentine card for my daughter and slip it into her backpack before she went to school.  Now, I love my daughter, but I wouldn’t have thought to do this.  My wife is my Valentine’s Day sweetheart, or so I had thought.  I looked at her strangely and asked her “Why would I do that?”

She sighed as she realized that, once again, she was going to have to explain something to me because I can be “Romantically Challenged” at times.  Actually it had little to do with my sense of romance or lack thereof.  She pointed out to me that our daughter, at ten years old, is starting to think about and talk to boys with romantic intentions in her heart.   It won’t be long before those boys are at the age where they will be more than willing to respond in kind.

“You either woo your daughter or someone else will.” she said.

Wow!  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  There I sat, still wrapped in my bed sheets, not having tasted my coffee yet this morning, and yet I was faced with my mortality and the eventual development sexually and mentally of my daughter and having to one day give her away to some young man. The only thought I could  muster at the moment was a simple “I pity the fool!”, but since I don’t even remotely resemble B.A. Barrackus, I settled for saying “Oh yeah…I guess you  have a point…”

Now my wife’s not a writer although she loves to read.  She doesn’t even do words well.  If she writes a long letter to a friend it ends up as a four-page paragraph with missing punctuation and questionable grammar.  When she tries to use memes and colloquialisms she usually mixes them up or mangles them somehow.  (She once said she had killed one bird with two stones and once she actually told me I was “putting the horse before the cart”…Yeah…)  Americans have asked her what country she was from after conversing with her for a few minutes because she says things strangely sometimes.

This morning I forgot to make that Valentine’s card until my daughter was getting ready for school.  I can make really artistic cards out of construction paper and Elmer’s glue, but it takes some time to do one.  So there I sat making a card out of a piece of lined notebook paper…  (I couldn’t find any construction paper.  We just moved and I don’t know what box it’s in.)  I looked at her across the room at my daughter and realized how beautiful she is.  I am so glad my wife told me to make this card, but I wish I had more time to put into it.  Here’s what it looks like to the left.

Sad, huh?  Well, inside I told her how much we love her and how proud of her we are and I slipped a dollar’s worth of Honduran money in there for her and told her it was extra snack money.  I know it’s not the best I could have done, but since I forgot until the last-minute it is what it is.  I think she’ll get the point.

I guess my point in talking about this today is that as a father, I hadn’t thought to do that kind of thing for my daughter, but I do think my wife was right.  It’s important to woo our daughters, or our wives, for that matter.   Because if we don’t give them the affection they need, it is all too easy to find it elsewhere.  Hmmm…I just realized where I’m going with this blog post.  Show those you love how important they are to you.  Not only today, but every day.


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2 responses to “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. Angeline M

    February 14, 2012 at 8:41 pm

    That’s a Valentine she will always remember! The best ones are always hand made.

    • rogerdengle

      February 14, 2012 at 9:06 pm

      Thank you Angeline. It makes me feel a little better about it. 🙂

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