What Price Heritage? « Stately McDaniel Manor

19 Jul

What Price Heritage? « Stately McDaniel Manor.

Anyone that truly believes Obama is a good President, or that he is even smart, or that he has our country’s best interests at heart, needs to read this and understand the portent of it. I realize Mike is focusing on the value of a historical monument, but just read what he says about the political implications of inviting Egyptian President Morsi for an official state visit to the Capital.

I have revised my opinion of Obama. I used to think Obama was an idiot. I now realize that Obama is a DANGEROUS idiot.

Mr. McDaniel also states quite well the reasoning behind my wariness of all things Muslim:  

It is difficult for Americans to understand that Muslims who assimilate and peacefully live in America, practicing their faith in the same way that other Americans practice theirs, are not observing the dictates of Islam.”

Go read it for yourself, but don’t forget about the guy who lead you to it.  Come back here with copies of your comments please.  I really want to hear them.

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