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Metaphosaurus project

I’m willing to follow along and take part in the Metaphosaurus project. How about you? I think this is actually a worthy idea for a new type of reference for writers of all types.

The Velociwritetor

I have had a personal love affair with thesauruses — yes, its an acceptable plural form of that word besides “thesauri,” which sounds weirder. It all started when my godfather gave me a scrabble set. Along with the set, he gave me a thesaurus. With the weird, dinosaur-sounding name, my curiosity got the better of me, so I took the hardbound book and read it. The cover said, “The perfect word for every occasion.” When I read the contents, it didn’t look like a real dictionary. It only contained synonyms and antonyms! “What a weird kind of dictionary,” I thought to myself. Thanks to it, though, my vocabulary expanded, and true enough, I was able to find the right words for the right occasions. As I grew up, I learned to write — not just note down ideas but really write — and I craved for something similar to a…

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Trifextra: Week Two

I found this blog today and figured I’d try their Trifextra Challenge.  I’m always looking for some good writing exercise in which to engage.  The challenge is to “give [us] a complete story in three sentences.”

I attempted to make this an ode to the approaching holiday; to honor lovers everywhere, while bringing to mind the euphoria that accompanies the reward for having bested every obstacle in the path of young love.  This is entitled “First Kiss”



First Kiss

Peter waits as Kelly’s lips, poised in a perfect kiss, hesitate just fractions of an inch from his.  He braved the torturous deriding of his competition, even a thrashing from her strongest pursuer, Bill Simmons, and conquered the fears and insecurities within his own heart to be under this apple tree, on this secluded hill on the backside of Mr. Hastings’s orchard watching her as she brings her lips to his to reward him.  Now his senses explode as his head swims, his heart pounds and he, lost in time and space becomes nothing but lips, tongue, the smell of blossoms and co-mingled bliss!


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Pelosi Vows to Stand With Obama Against Catholic Church; Says Decision Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith Was ‘Very Courageous’ |

Pelosi Vows to Stand With Obama Against Catholic Church; Says Decision Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith Was ‘Very Courageous’ |

I have done my best to keep my blog apolitical, and I won’t keep the soap-box permanently installed here, but I do have a few things to say about the issue at hand.

First of all, we have put up with, in the United States, for the past three years, every imaginable blemish on our Constitution.  This is our Primary Law, our basis for law.  If the constitution has no primacy then none of our laws mean anything.  An amendment to the constitution is part of the original document by it’s very nature.  Therefore, what we are seeing is a complete and total disregard for the laws by which we have governed ourselves for the past 236 years.

Granted, I do not agree with the Roman Catholic dogma, that contraception and sterilization is wrong.  That shouldn’t matter though.  They believe it.  They’ve established as a matter of their faith and of public knowledge globally, that they believe it.  This makes it an issue that is inviolable according to the First Amendment, and the President, nor Congress has an right whatsoever to trespass there.

This is not the first time the current administration had trampled on the constitutional rights of the citizenry.  He is definitely a candidate for impeachment, much more-so than President Clinton ever was, and yet nobody seems to be seriously considering doing it.

I don’t know how  Nancy Pelosi‘s going to square this with her faith.  I don’t know how she will deal with her conscience on a daily basis.  Those things really don’t concern me that much because, just like most Americans who are from somewhere besides San Francisco, I don’t take her very seriously anyway.

The thing I most want to say is this.  Whether you agree with the Roman Catholic dogma on contraception and birth control or not, what are you and your fellow believers doing to stand with them against this serious infringement?  This isn’t about the Catholics.  This isn’t about what your religion is at all.  All people of faith should be standing shoulder to shoulder against this, right now.  We should be marching in the streets.  Where are the Evangelicals?  Where are the Jews?  Where are the Mormons?  Everyone who believes in a higher power, everyone who worships in any way, shape or form, should be up in arms about this.

Okay.  I’ve said my piece.  I’ll get this soap-box out of here now…

Have a nice day.

Do something you can be proud you’ve done, today.


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This is my entry for the 100WCGU challenge Week #29
I also want to mention that I think this is patterned after, which is for children 16 and under.  They really need us adult writers to go comment on their entries each week. So if you have the time, please make a visit to that site a regular part of your routine. Thanks!

Here it is:

A Wednesday morning it was, that I was born
and I learned what life was about.
Ripped from my shelter, where I’d been so warm,
to a slap on the rump I cried “Ouch!”
There were pleasant times, yes, like a warm suckled meal
or a silky dry bottom for my nap,
But the general theme was to cry with full zeal
Until mother thought that I was a brat.
Growing was fun because then I could walk
And grab things I before couldn’t reach.
I can now use my mouth to repeat all the things
she never would knowingly teach.


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