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My Momentary Lapse of Postings


Well… I haven’t posted anything for quite a while.  I’ve been busy, to be sure, but not too busy to post anything. I guess I suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder on a large-scale.  Forgive me if you were looking forward to hearing from me more often.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a missionary in Honduras, and although I don’t always write about that, it is the defining criteria in my life.  Yesterday my wife brought a group of visiting church members from a church interested in what we are doing over to our house from House of Hope, where they are staying in the guest house.  Although I had been very busy throughout the day, at the moment she walked in I was sitting at the computer trying a flash game online that my son was playing.  I had literally walked in the door not five minutes before, but since I was checking emails when she left in the morning, and she returned to find me sitting at the computer playing a silly pirate ship game, to her I had probably been sitting here playing games all day.   Add that to the fact that I hadn’t had any time to even make the bed or straighten up my mess and I can understand why she was miffed.

Anyway, one of the young ladies she brought over was asking me about my blog and wanted to know if I ever update it.  That, of course, made me feel guilty and so here I am, updating my blog.

I think I’ll tell you what I’ve been up to for the past few months.   I’d like to say that my time has been taken up with tirelessly walking from house to house, winning soul after soul to the kingdom of God.  I’d love to tell you that, but I’d be lying if I did.

Some of my time has been taken up with sharing the word of God.  I have started a bible study/work program at the local prison.  It’s called Fishers of Men, because if they attend the bible studies with me regularly they also have the privilege of using the materials, provided by a fellow minister from Alabama, for making fishing nets.   These fishing nets can be sold for a nice amount of money locally to fisherman and the proceeds are to be split three ways.  One third goes to Katrina’s craft store, Artesanías Esperanza, one-third to the prison for improvement projects and finally, one-third to the maker of the nets.

It’s a  good opportunity for some income for all three interested parties and the bible studies seem to be something they’ve been craving as well.   We started with John 1:1 and we’ve gone through the first seven chapters so far.  There are a lot of mistaken, legalistic  doctrines and beliefs among the Christians in this area, and I’ve been using this opportunity to address some of those.  Word upon word, precept upon precept, little bit by little bit.  It’s a work in progress but I feel like the guys are really enjoying it.  I’ll see if the Comandante of the prison will allow me to get some pictures of the guys and then I can post them here.

I’ve also been working on a mosaic table for our dining room.  It’s actually the same old ugly pine table we were eating on before I started the mosaic project.  I’m done gluing the tiles on the top and now I need to finish the lateral edges and I will grout it.  I think the legs need to be sanded and oiled too.   We’ll see about that.  Here’s a picture of the (almost) finished product.








So…those are two of the projects I’ve been working on in my absence of posts.  What do you think?  Should I start making more mosaics?  Should I make them for my wife to sell at her craft store?  It’s an idea I’ve had but I’m still mulling over the details.





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Pelosi Vows to Stand With Obama Against Catholic Church; Says Decision Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith Was ‘Very Courageous’ |

Pelosi Vows to Stand With Obama Against Catholic Church; Says Decision Forcing Catholics to Act Against Faith Was ‘Very Courageous’ |

I have done my best to keep my blog apolitical, and I won’t keep the soap-box permanently installed here, but I do have a few things to say about the issue at hand.

First of all, we have put up with, in the United States, for the past three years, every imaginable blemish on our Constitution.  This is our Primary Law, our basis for law.  If the constitution has no primacy then none of our laws mean anything.  An amendment to the constitution is part of the original document by it’s very nature.  Therefore, what we are seeing is a complete and total disregard for the laws by which we have governed ourselves for the past 236 years.

Granted, I do not agree with the Roman Catholic dogma, that contraception and sterilization is wrong.  That shouldn’t matter though.  They believe it.  They’ve established as a matter of their faith and of public knowledge globally, that they believe it.  This makes it an issue that is inviolable according to the First Amendment, and the President, nor Congress has an right whatsoever to trespass there.

This is not the first time the current administration had trampled on the constitutional rights of the citizenry.  He is definitely a candidate for impeachment, much more-so than President Clinton ever was, and yet nobody seems to be seriously considering doing it.

I don’t know how  Nancy Pelosi‘s going to square this with her faith.  I don’t know how she will deal with her conscience on a daily basis.  Those things really don’t concern me that much because, just like most Americans who are from somewhere besides San Francisco, I don’t take her very seriously anyway.

The thing I most want to say is this.  Whether you agree with the Roman Catholic dogma on contraception and birth control or not, what are you and your fellow believers doing to stand with them against this serious infringement?  This isn’t about the Catholics.  This isn’t about what your religion is at all.  All people of faith should be standing shoulder to shoulder against this, right now.  We should be marching in the streets.  Where are the Evangelicals?  Where are the Jews?  Where are the Mormons?  Everyone who believes in a higher power, everyone who worships in any way, shape or form, should be up in arms about this.

Okay.  I’ve said my piece.  I’ll get this soap-box out of here now…

Have a nice day.

Do something you can be proud you’ve done, today.


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Pride’s Prison

Pride’s Prison

This story is an absolutely wonderful sci-fi approach to understanding the life struggles of an awkward child.  the sci-fi element is not obtrusive.  It is only employed to make the story possible.  The story is more about self-improvement, forgiveness and understanding than scientific wonders of any kind.  I recommend you read this and allow it to inspire you to write a short story of your own.

It’s a 4 part story with links to the next part at the bottom of each page.


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Jesus > Religion

I was blog-surfing this afternoon and saw this video.  I had to share it.  The video has a great message that I feel everyone needs to hear.  It makes me sad that there are some anti-replies on the YouTube page where you view it, because this is the type message that can set everyone free from the burden of religion and religious rules.  Oh well, watch it and see what you think.  Sound off in the comments, please!

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