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The Speck

There’s a speck behind my lcd.  I see it all the time.

I’m not sure how it got there but it’s in my address line.

I tried to wipe it off but found it’s underneath the screen

And yet I see it as clearly as if it were a part of the design.


I thought it was a comma once, or an apostrophe.

I even thought to change the colors of my desktop theme.

But no matter what I do to avoid seeing this little speck,

It always follows what I do.  It’s haunting me, it seems.


I wonder how it got there.  Is it dust from some unknown

Spring cleaning project of my wife’s, from off the mantle, blown?

Or did a bug that sought a source of warmth find himself stuck

and die there searching for an exit to the world he once had known?


I guess I’ll leave it in there as I’m no computer tech.

The cost of having it removed would make me bounce a check.

And yet I’m finding as I see the spot each brand new day,

That it’s becoming rather like a friend this unknown little speck.


So I’ll just keep on greeting it each morning with “Hello.”

I’ll cease to try and wipe it off.  I’ve wiped enough to know.

I’ll gladly share with my companion everything I write

And if its size increases then I guess I’ll watch it grow.


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Week #30 of Julia’s 100 Word challenge For Grown Ups


This week’s prompt is “…it wasn’t my fault…”

The challenge is to complete your entry with 100 words or less, creating a story or verbal image that captures the imagination.  You can enter your own entry at Julia’s 100 Word Challenge For Grownups.

Also, be sure to visit the 100 Word Challenge for schools, where the idea originated.

This is still following my Valentine’s Day theme, albeit in a twisted sort of way.  Enjoy!


“It wasn’t my fault” she said.

“Who said anything about it being your fault?” said the detective with a sidelong look to his partner.

“He was my boyfriend.”

“Really?  For how long?” said the second detective.

“Almost a year.”

“Was he seeing anyone else?” said the first detective.

“Yes, but he didn’t care about her.  If he had just listened to me none of this would have happened”

“What would you have told him?”

“What does it matter now?”

“What indeed?”

“Should I call a lawyer?”

“We said you were entitled to one.”

“Maybe I should… It wasn’t my fault”


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Pulling Petals

Tulip, an actinomorphic flower with three peta...

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I wrote this a month ago while watching the new, cinema production of  Jayne Eyre.  I guess it should be devoted to all the Valentine’s Day lovers in the blogosphere, but in my heart I can only think of one; my dear wife Katrina.

Pulling Petals

He loves me?

He loves me not?

What equitable worth might this faerie thaumaturgy bestow?

For how could it answer that she should select from the randomness of a walk through a beflowered dale, a blossom endowed with its petals as such that they are enumerated evenly or oddly, just so?  What oracle, be it sylvan or nether, could venture to tread before this love stricken soul, rapturing away any spare petals, that the bloom she doth pluck might infallibly portend the romantic success or abject failure fated for said maiden?

He loves me not?

Never say it, dear!

Can she not see?  Or perhaps she possesses not a looking-glass; but surely a momentary reflection from a pool would be sufficient; that she is much more highly endowed with beauty, fairer even than the flowers that she so freely maims in her search for an answer.  Were she to but meet head on the gaze of the young brute she so adores, she would find the reply to her inquiries glaring, no, screaming back at her.

He loves you dear lady.

How could he not?


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Who likes Hemingway? *raises both hands*


Write drunk; edit sober.
— Ernest Hemingway

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Pride’s Prison

Pride’s Prison

This story is an absolutely wonderful sci-fi approach to understanding the life struggles of an awkward child.  the sci-fi element is not obtrusive.  It is only employed to make the story possible.  The story is more about self-improvement, forgiveness and understanding than scientific wonders of any kind.  I recommend you read this and allow it to inspire you to write a short story of your own.

It’s a 4 part story with links to the next part at the bottom of each page.


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Flash Fiction Online

Flash Fiction Online.

I’ve been looking at flash fiction lately.  Maybe I’ll get involved.

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100 word challenge

This is my entry for the 100 word challenge at Julia’s Place. I originally wasn’t sure if poetry was allowed, but she sent me an email assuring me it was.

The prompt was “You bought her what…”  There was purposely no punctuation so as to leave some freedom of interpretation.


Y0u bought her what she couldn’t buy;

sweets and candies, true delights,

a four-post bed with sheets so white,

a pony that she’d love to ride,

a gown to dance in through the night,

a house upon the riverside,

a swimming pool with a bright blue slide,

a beach to stroll and watch the tide,

a forest where the faeries hide,

and in their secret vales reside,

a magic palace in the sky,

fantastical on clouds up high.

You bought her things to satisfy,

Or so you tried to justify,

But all that really qualified

was a friend in whom she could confide.


I’m going to have to continue doing these.  This was fun!


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